Of all the advantages attributed to having passenger rail in any geographic region, economic advantages are undoubtedly the most important.

Scores of facts and statistics exist that support how important these myriad advantages are to Wisconsin communities and regions. A few of the most convincing economy driven assets are:

  • Links our region to 18 million people of the Twin Cities, Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago metro areas which improves everyone's economic competitiveness.
  • Connects the best universities and private Research and Development Centers of the Midwest, creating incubators for growing industries of every description.
  • Drives local business development and investment opportunities.
  • Provides much needed access, enriches our area university's and technical colleges collective stature and creates employment opportunities in our area for out state and out-of-state students.
  • Supports the hundreds of high-tech and service sector jobs for businesses all along the I-94 corridor.
  • Dramatically reduces travel costs for businesses.
  • Attracts transit oriented real estate development and smart growth policies.
  • Attracts increased tourism activity and spending.
  • And, on the downside, freeway maintenance and expansion are fast outstripping our ability to pay the costs.

Simply stated, high speed passenger rail service to our area is crucial for long term sustainable economic growth. Communities and regions blessed with passenger rail service will thrive while those without will not.

Eau Claire Depot Transportation Center & Transit Oriented Development Concept

Eau Claire Depot Concept- Main Level Floor Plan