Vision Statement


The Passenger Rail Organizing Council is a partnership of business and corporate interests with a strong desire to attract and retain talent in Western Wisconsin region, in particular through promoting the development and operation of comprehensive intercity passenger rail services between this region and the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis in the immediate future. The Council’s intention is to design a service that is self-sustaining once in place, and use innovative approaches via private and public/private support, agreements, and partnerships to develop passenger rail as a premium and preferential transportation choice in this corridor.

This establishment of service is intended to include enhanced transportation options and connectivity between all modes of transportation in the corridor, to improve mobility and livability for area residents and lead to further transportation improvements between the area and other regional population centers including Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison. The Council intends through its projects to increase the viability of the region by expanding these benefits:

  • Desirability of the region for talented, educated professionals and technicians
  • Improved potential for economic development
  • Increased travel for business, personal, and recreational purposes
  • Positive community impacts
  • Attractiveness for family living, educational opportunity and cultural amenities

The Council is actively supported by and coordinates with the West Central Wisconsin Rail Coalition, a non-profit 501(c)3 rail and transit advocacy organization headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Members of the Organizing Council:


  • Royal Credit Union - Jan Johnson, ‎Executive Vice President of Organizational Agility
  • University of Wisconsin Eau Claire - Mike Rindo, Assistant Chancellor for Facilities and University Relations
  • Luke Kempen
  • Robert C. Krause
  • Mike Swenson