Infrastructure study

We are moving close to making Passenger Rail a reality. We are working with Union Pacific Railroad to produce a study of the costs associated with federal passenger rail infrastructure requirements and how scheduling impacts their existing and future freight operations.

For this study, the Coalition requires $30,000 or more to reimburse the Union Pacific Railroad for professional services.

This amount represents a small fraction of what we could expect to pay to an independent consultant, but equally important is that the results will automatically be acceptable to UP, whereas a consultant's study would still need the railroad's scrutiny and approval prior to implementing any recommendations.               

To date we have secured one-fourth of this commitment through corporate and individual contributions. To trigger the UP Study, we will need at least another $10,000 plus ongoing fundraising. We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.Please contribute to this effort:

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If you would prefer, here are other donation options:

1. Send a check payable to:
     West Central Wisconsin Rail Coalition
     P.O. Box 1294
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2. Contact us to pledge your donation: